Euroterm Consult LTD

Energy efficient heating, air-conditioning and ventilation

Euroterm Consult Ltd was founded in 2011 in Sofia City.

Over the years, the firm itself has been well developing its knowledge and skills in the field of energy efficient heating, air-conditioning and ventilation.

Also, in the water supply and sewerage projects and their efficient consumption for a more effective and efficient conservation of the environment through maximum reduction of the greenhouse effect and conserving the ozone layer of the planet.

All goods and facilities distributed by the firm have the required permits, certificates and declarations of conformity for use in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Euroterm Consult Ltd firm works and cooperates with some of the biggest representatives in this industry, namely Intermetal, BG-Term, Romstal, Eurocom, Ruvex, Air Trade, Center, and due to its loyalty, correctness, precision, and its continuous cooperation in the filed of distribution, building, servicing and engineering, the Euroterm Consult Ltd firm can afford to deliver the necessary facilities, machines and materials for any given site or project at competitive prices, and to provide favorable financial conditions to its clients.

With such close cooperation built between Evroterm Konsult and its main partners, the firm always has the necessary materials available in order to fulfill the terms of any given project.

Euroterm Consult Ltd successfully participates and has participated in the delivery and mounting of tens of large-scale municipal, state and private sites and hundreds of small sites related to both standard and high technology energy efficient installations.

With its professionalism, precision, quality execution, competitive prices and loyalty, it has become a paragon and example for a correct partner.